Wild Harvested Wild Yam Root Tincture ~ 2 Ounce Bottle ~


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Earth… All of our tinctures are carefully made to exacting standards.
Tinctures are cold formulated (so the active ingredients in the herbs are not
destroyed), and then are allowed to cure for at least 6 full weeks, ensuring
maximum strength! With Ecstatic Earth, you get the best tinctures around! Cold
cured, 2 ingredient tinctures mean you get all the benefits of the herb – and
no fillers! Read more The Finest Hand Made Tinctures Available! We Care About
Our Ingredients We only purchase the highest quality herbs from our trusted US
Based Wholesalers. These herbs are looked at for: Identity – making sure the
herb is what it’s supposed to beBacteria, Mold, & Heavy Metal Pesticides and
HerbicidesAnd more! Sometimes herbs aren’t available in the commercially grown
format because they are only collected in the wild. These herbs are subjected
to rigorous scrutiny noted above. Tinctures – Herbs In Liquid Form We only
make our tinctures in small, handmade batches. High Quality Herbs Our
tinctures are made with our superior quality herbs and organic/gluten free,
corn based alcohol (80 proof – 40% by volume).We never use heat – these are
100% cold cured tinctures. The cold cure process means that all of our
tinctures take a while to cure (6 weeks to be exact), but we never use any
heat to speed along the process. Adding heat to a tincture can cause changes
to the herbal constituents and may affect the color/flavor radically. All
tinctures are made to exacting standards. We cold cure our tinctures in a 1:4
(herbs to alcohol) ratio. Highest Quality Tinctures Available All tinctures
come in light resistant amber glass bottles with tamper evident seals. Single-
Herb Tinctures When you purchase one of our single-herb tinctures you are
purchasing a 6 week, cold cured, tincture with two ingredients – the herb
listed and the alcohol required to make the tincture. No colorants, additives,
or other herbs – just how grandma used to make! Tincture Blends Our tincture
blends are made from the mixing of our single-herb tinctures. These blends are
created with herbs that compliment one another and are formulated for ease of
use. Read more


  • Tinctures are cold processed with a 1:4 herb/alcohol ratio and allowed to steep for 6+ weeks
  • Bottled in a light resistent amber glass bottle with a tamper evident seal.
  • Tinctures are fast acting and are easily absorbed into your system.
  • **Buy with confidence!** We absolutely guarantee customer satisfaction and we're always here to help!







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