Svêlo Complete Performance with XSurge™ All Natural Energy Boost & Pre Workout for Weight Loss | Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory Actives | 30 Servings (Raspberry Tea Leaf) Raspberry Tea Leaf


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100% All Natural Energy Boost & Exercise Support for
Weight Loss Everyone knows losing weight comes down to a simple equation: Burn
more calories than you take in. But kicking your soda habit and sticking to a
consistent exercise regimen can be difficult, especially when you’re operating
on fewer calories. Lack of energy and mid-day focus, sore muscles from
increased activity, and slow recovery can all sabotage your weight loss
efforts. Svêlo: The Weight Loss Solution You’ve Been Waiting For After the
success of Svêlo Meal Replacement Weight Loss Shakes that help to cut calories
while revving metabolism, curbing appetite, and fueling the mind and body with
nutritive and high-quality ingredients, we couldn’t wait to offer a product
that supports the exercise component of weight loss. After all, dieting is
only part of the equation – to truly burn fat, trim down, and shape up,
quality workouts are essential. Svêlo Complete Performance with XSurge is
formulated to enhance your exercise efforts with little more than a pure tea
plant extract that naturally provides: Smooth energy Amino acids Antioxidants
Vitamins Minerals Anti-inflammatory actives Ultimately, it’s a pre workout
supplement with powerful performance and recovery benefits that can be taken
anytime you need a little extra energy. Energize Perform Recover Get yours
today and feel the XSurge! Simple Ingredients, Powerful Results Svêlo Complete
Performance with XSurge combines simple, natural ingredients with powerful
plant properties. Sourced from Camellia sinensis (the tea plant) using a
gentle, hot-water extraction process that retains its full profile of
beneficial properties, XSurge is 100% natural and free of ‘junk ingredients’
and synthetic caffeine that leave you feeling jittery and downright weird.
This polyphenolic blend includes the following antioxidative and anti-
inflammatory actives: Catechins Theaflavins Thearubigins Flavonoids
Additionally, Svêlo Complete Performance with XSurge provides vitamins,
minerals, and naturally occurring caffeine that work together to help you work
out tougher and recover stronger so that you can lose weight faster! So, what
doesn’t XSurge have? Glad you asked: No GMOs No excipients No artificial
colors or flavors No starch No gluten No preservatives No lactose, wheat, or
sodium What Does the Science Say? Svêlo Complete Performance with XSurge has
shown in real human trials to improve performance through enhanced recovery. A
randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trial was conducted on XSurge at
Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA. The study evaluated
strength and delayed onset muscle soreness following eccentric exercise in
male subjects ages 18-35 who were recreationally engaged in both
cardiovascular and resistance training and who met a certain set of
inclusion/exclusion criteria. The study also measured serum antioxidant status
as well as cortisol levels and creatine phosphokinase in the bloodstream (a
measure of muscle breakdown). The clinical study reported significant
differences between active treatment and placebo groups: STRENGTH RECOVERY:
Those taking one serving of XSurge prior to the trial two times daily over 13
weeks regained pre-exercise strength within three days of the strenuous
activity (placebo group did not until after four days) and significantly
exceeded strength levels in four days. CORTISOL RECOVERY: XSurge groups (those
who took two servings daily and those who took one serving daily) returned to
pre-exercise cortisol levels more quickly than placebo group. Cortisol relates
to post-workout stress and stress often leads to sugary cravings and
overeating. MUSCLE BREAKDOWN MINIMIZATION: Both XSurge groups (2g daily and 1g
daily) showed significantly less muscle breakdown than the placebo group – in
fact, the placebo group still showed signs of muscle breakdown even four days
post exercise! ANTIOXIDANT STATUS: XSurge groups showed more serum frap
(measure of antioxidants) post exercise than before where the placebo group
showed decreased levels post exercise. In summary, the science shows that
XSurge may not only energize and provide the physiological support you need to
perform at your peak, but it may deliver powerful recovery benefits that allow
you to keep diving into your workouts so you can continue leaning out.
ENERGIZE ^ PERFORM ^ RECOVER Natural Energy With approximately 130mg of
naturally occurring caffeine, one serving of Svêlo Complete Performance with
XSurge can help boost energy levels. But why does it feel different than a
shot of caffeine from a cola or other pre workout? The gentle flow of energy
may be traced to L-theanine, an amino acid component of tea that has been
shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Boost energy levels Diminish
feelings of fatigue Speed reaction time Increase alertness, concentration, &
focus Enhance metabolism & thermogenesis Make It Count Containing antioxidant
& anti-inflammatory phenols as well as the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals
your bones, connective tissue, and muscles need to work a little harder a
little longer, this revolutionary and all-natural supplement truly is a
complete support for optimum performance. Fueled with XSurge – especially as
its benefits accumulate over time – you may be able to take your workouts to
the next level and overcome those plateaus, minor strains, and inflammation
that hold you back from achieving your goals. Increase muscle strength, power,
and force Increase exercise capacity Support bone and connective tissue health
Get Back for More It happens all the time: you finally get motivated to begin
a workout routine, and suddenly your performance declines, fatigue sets in,
and muscle soreness keeps you from getting back to it. This is often due to
oxidative stress and inflammation from exercise. XSurge not only provides the
energy and antioxidative and anti-inflammatory support you need to perform,
but it has also shown to help you recover faster and stronger. On top of that,
what good is exercise if the added stress raises cortisol levels and,
therefore, your sugary/fatty cravings? XSurge may help to reduce post-exercise
cortisol levels so you can truly gain all of the benefits of a rapid recovery,
regain control of your cravings, and lose weight faster! Speed muscle recovery
Minimize muscle breakdown Support a healthy stress response


  • FEEL THE SURGE: 100% all natural tea plant extract may rev metabolism & improve exercise results
  • ENERGIZE: Naturally occurring caffeine boosts energy without buzz or jitters & increases focus
  • PERFORM: Plant phenols and amino acids support muscles for improved workouts & faster weight loss
  • RECOVER: May reduce post workout muscle soreness, stress, and cravings and increase muscle strength







Raspberry Tea Leaf




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