.-=Strong=-. White Mulberry Plus + Garcinia, African Mango, Cinnamon, Green Tea Extract


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Skinny Bean Mulberry Contains NO Cheap FILLERS , NO
Artificial Colors ,NO Synthetic ingredients, Non- GMO ,No Added Caffeine ,
Cruely Free Mulberries PLUS + Garcinia, African Mango, Cinnamon, Green tea
Extract contain healthy nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that
will benefit your weight loss the natural way . A nutrient-dense food,
mulberries contain healthy fiber, carbohydrates and protein to fuel your body.
In addition, mulberries contain resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant
that may have anti-aging and weight loss effects. How can we be better? We
found 3 main improvements companies were not meeting. Absorption, Purity &
Freshness. For purity, Skinny Bean uses a cold press liquid-liquid extraction.
For absorption leading to faster results, we take twice as long to pulverise
formulas to achieve a ultra fine 2X Grind. For freshness, each bottle with our
made to order process. This means when you place your order your bottle is
made and sent. Proudly made in the USA


  • .-=STRONG=-. White Mulberry plus Garcinia, African Mango, Cinnamon, Green tea Extract
  • .-=> HELPS KEEP BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS UNDER CONTROL: Supports healthy blood glucose levels throughout the day and helps prevent spikes and crashes. Made from White Mulberry Leaf Extract and natural herbs that effectively lower and maintain blood sugars naturally to a normal range and increases insulin sensitivity
  • .-=> LOSE BELLY FAT AND RECLAIM YOUR WAISTLINE: The powerful combination of pure White Mulberry Extract (Morus alba), Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Green Coffee Bean boosts your metabolism helping to maximize weight loss and burn fat fast. Feel lighter, drop inches and enjoy the feeling of your clothes fitting comfortably again
  • .-=> MORE THAN JUST A BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL SUPPLEMENT: Enjoy multiple health benefits with our high potency blend of herbal ingredients. Look and feel your best from the inside out with our easy to swallow vegetarian capsules. Our supplements use only the best, scientifically tested ingredients and are made in the USA at our GMP-certified, FDA-inspected, state of the art facility to ensure safety and purit
  • .-=> FEEL LESS HUNGRY: Our advanced formula prevents over eating and curbs unhealthy food and sugar cravings. Feel less stressed around sugary foods. Controls your appetite so you can eat less and feel fuller for longer. Now you can maintain a healthy diet and cut portions without feeling hungry

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