San T3 Fat Loss Catalyst – 180 Capsules


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But listen, thanks to T-3, bodybuilders can now experience optimal thyroid
hormone levels… but without any “shut down” of their natural production.
That’s because T-3 actually makes your thyroid gland produce more thyroid
hormone on a continual basis. It works also because it has the unique ability
to greatly activate iodine update, which is the chemical trigger in the body
that releases massive amounts of natural thyroid hormone into the
bloodstream. And this is the secret to getting shredded beyond all belief…
the permanent speeding of your metabolic rate by naturally increasing your
thyroid hormone output. But here’s one for “scientific history books” because
T-3 actually causes your thyroid gland to increase peripheral specific thyroid
hormone turnover!! This is “your thyroid hormone T-4” and it’s specifically
“coded” to attach to your individual cellular receptor site to form T-3.
Additionally, T3 increases UCP3 uncoupling protein, which can have profound
effects on fat loss. In fat cells, uncoupling dramatically increases
lipolysis. So by supplemental intake of T-3 one is able to control lipolysis
through two different mechanisms: Thyroid Specific Turnover and Uncoupling in
Fat Specific Mitochondria. But here’s the kicker. There’s something else
extra thyroid hormone can help “ignite” in addition to fat-loss, and that’s
muscle growth. That’s right… thyroid hormone accelerates all processes,
even protein synthesis!!


  • But listen, thanks to T-3, bodybuilders can now experience optimal thyroid hormone levels
  • San









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