Organic Chlorella Spirulina Powder 50/50 Mix | 100 Servings | Non-GMO | Vegan | Sunlight Grown | Deep Green Color | Alkalyzing | High Protein | No Other Ingredients | by Good Natured 7.05 Ounce (Pack of 1)


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Good Natured’s USDA Organic Chlorella and Organic
Spirulina Powder Mix is one of the most established and trusted green powders
for two main reasons: Water Quality – These high quality spirulina and
chlorella tablets are produced from one of the largest micro-algae
manufacturers in the world which, since 1976, is the only company to use
clean, uncontaminated and environmentally protected mountain spring water as a
high quality source that feeds over fifty cultivating ponds. Direct sunlight
provides the perfect growing conditions that allows the chlorophyll to produce
their deep green color. This provides the healthiest of growing environments
in which to grow a living food that is high in anti-oxidants, protein and
nutrients. Value – Each packet contains 200g which, if the daily recommended
dose of 2 grams per serving is followed, will last over 3 months! That’s
around a quarter a day to invest in your health. A value we feel will be
returned to you many times over by way of improved vitality and well being.
Freshness – Please don’t be surprised that when your bag arrives, it feels
solid. This is because each bag is vacuum sealed, which removes all the air
until you open it. This keeps the product super fresh until you’re ready to
consume! Once you open the bag, all the powder will separate, just as you’d
expect. Microalgae contains phosphorus, iron and many other mineral elements,
but is also rich in β-carotene, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, vitamin
complexes A, B, C and E. Vitamin B12 and iron values are higher in microalgae
than our livers! NASA has even proposed spirulina and chlorella as one of the
primary foods to be cultivated during long-term space missions. OUR PATENTED
Chlorella is normally very hard to digest by your stomach acid as it has a
very thick and strong cell wall. Normally only 40% can be digested due to the
grinding technique that most chlorella manufactures use. We use a patented,
low pressure ‘Cracked Cell Wall’ technique to ‘pop’ the cell wall and increase
absorption up to 80%, whilst retaining 100% of the nutrients. This three step
process: Greatly increases the pressure on the chlorellaRapidly increases heat
to drive out the moistureRapidly reduces the temperature back to normal Read
more Our Organic Spirulina Spirulina is a wonderful food because it contains
18 types of amino acids and vitamins that our body needs. It contains rich
amounts of vitamins in which β-carotene and vitamin B complex are
significantly high. Β-carotene transforms into vitamin A when it enters our
bodies and has the ability to effectively provide vision care, maintain
healthy skin and strong nails. Vitamin B12 is normally only available in meat
however now it is available in vegetable sourced spirulina, which is perfect
for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Read more BENEFITS OF GREEN FOODS
Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the time to eat a full serving of green
fruits and vegetables every day? The chlorophyll in green foods is known to
alkalize the body which aids in reducing inflammation – which is the cause of
so many debilitating diseases. But if you aren’t able to consume all the
greens you need, this spirulina chlorella powder is the perfect addition to
your diet or for when you’re traveling and on the road. Please give us a
chance to show you that you really can make a difference to your own health,
starting today. NOT JUST GREEN, BUT SUPER CLEAN! NO GMOs NO Additives NO
Fillers NO Preservatives NO Stabilizers NO Binders NO Artificial Colors NO
Artificial Flavors NON-Irradiated HEALING There are so many benefits from this
green algae. Many customers have reported that their skin started to ‘glow’
after taking the recommended dosage for a period of time. May also help with
bowel movements as toxins are expelled from the body. Please note that effects
will vary, depending on the level of toxicity that the body is in when
consumption starts. In extreme cases, a person may feel levels of tiredness or
lethargy, as the elimination process ‘wakes up’ and kicks into gear the body’s
own self healing abilities. This will soon pass as increased energy becomes
more available. If your body is clean to start with, then the effects will be
less noticeable. Read more


  • INGREDIENTS: 100% USDA Organic Chlorella Powder ; 100% USDA Organic Spirulina Powder.
  • LOCATION: Product of Southern Taiwan; Super Clean; Grown in Sunlight Using drinking quality Mountain Spring Water
  • STRAINS: Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella Pyrenoidosa Mixed With Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis).
  • PRODUCTION: NO GMOs; NO Additives. NO Fillers. NO Preservatives. NO Binders. NO Artificial Colors/ Flavors; NON-Irradiated; VEGAN. Tested and free from contamination of microcystins. Our Chlorella and Spirulina are "pure strain" cultivated in controlled man-made ponds using natural sunlight in an unpolluted environment. With years of experience in microalgae production, regular checkups, stringent control and surveillance over the ponds, we are able to avoid microcystin contaminations.
  • VALUES: Our Goal Is To Offer The Highest Quality, Best Priced, Best Value Powder Available. We 100% Stand Behind Not Only Our Product Quality, But In The Overall Offer To Our Customers. We Offer Honest Pricing For A Highly Nutritious, Beneficial, Clean And Honest Product.







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7.05 Ounce (Pack of 1)


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