Nature’s Answer Parsley Leaf with Organic Alcohol, 1-Fluid Ounce


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Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is originally from the Mediterranean, but now
grows in many places in the world in warm and temperate climates. Parsley
grows easily in the garden. Both the flat leaf and curley leaf varieties have
been used for food and as folklore remedies. Parsley is easy to grow inside
the house as well in your window herb garden. Parsley is in the Umbelliferae
family of plants and shares kin-ship with carrots, celery, lovage, dill,
fennel and the Angelica species. The use of parsley was first mentioned in
ancient literature from Sardinia, Turkey, Algeria and Lebanon, where it grows
in the wild. Parsley has enjoyed many uses over the centuries. It has been
used due to benefits of parsley tea, parsley juice, parsley herbal extract
or when used as a food, rather than just in its prominent role in the United
States as a plate decoration! The Greeks used parsley to make garlands, crowns
and wreaths to award the winners of Olympic athletic contests. At banquet
dinners, bouquets of the leaves were used to absorb the fumes of strong wine.
Perhaps this is where the use of parsley as a plate decoration originated.The
dark green color of Parsley reflects its high content of chlorophyll. Other
naturally occurring nutrients in parsley leaves include Vitamin A, calcium,
potassium, thiamine and riboflavin. It also has more vitamin C than oranges
and has a higher iron content than any other cultivated plant! Parsley is
often combined with garlic because of its ability to neutralize allicin, the
chemical responsible for garlic’s pungent odor. It accomplishes this with
various volatile oils such as limonene along with the abundance of
chlorophyll. Parsley is an excellent healthy vegetable that is all too often
discarded as “just a plate decoration”.


  • Authentic Botanical Fingerprint
  • Made From 2000 mg
  • Low Organic Alcohol
  • Holistically Balanced
  • nonGMO,Kosher certified,Bio-Chelated Cold Extraction,Gluten Free







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