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Simply Right Clinical Strength Cranberry 500mg is made from 100% whole
cranberries. Formulated with a patented proprietary blend of natural cranberry
juice extract and whole cranberry fruit, Simply Right Clinical Strength
Cranberry offers proven support for urinary tract health in a time released,
convenient, one per day formula., convenient, one per day formula. Just one
capsule delivers superior health benefits: Clinically proven to support a
healthier urinary tract. Time Release Bio-Shield TM protects actives through
gastrointestinal tract for maximum efficacy Equivalent to 17,000mg of fresh
cranberries and 3 times the antioxidants in cranberry juice PACs
(proanthocyanidins) provide beneficial antioxidants in Cranberries to help
support urinary tract and immune systems. No other cranberry supplement comes
close to the amount of PACs found in Simply Right Clinical Strength Cranberry
Concentrated 34:1 ratio, 34 pounds of whole cranberries is equal to one pound
of the proprietary ingredient used in Simply Right Bio-ShieldTM patented
system helps protect cranberry actives through harsh digestive environment.


  • Clinically Strength.
  • Supports urinary tract health.
  • Time released for maximum absorption.
  • Made with 100% natural whole cranberries.
  • Standardized capsule per day.







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