Liquid Ginseng #1 JUST Released Pure New Formulation, for Ultimate Energy, Fast Absorbing, Quick Results. Try Now!! 1 Ounce


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Size:1 Ounce Often regarded as the “root of life” due to its energizing
properties, in China ginseng was originally reserved for emperors and some
very fortunate guards! Ginseng has been known in Chinese medicine as a
panacea, in that it was used for a wide variety of ailments including sexual
health, nervousness, vomiting and indigestion. In the same fashion it is also
sometimes regarded as an adaptogen; a substance that “offers nonspecific
enhancement of the body to resist stress, or a stressor”. An adaptogen would
have a normalizing or tonifying effect on the body. In the US, ginseng is
often used for increased energy, metal clarity and stress. Ginseng is renowned
for its ability to combat fatigue, as a healthy stimulant. It also shows great
balance to the nervous system, primarily due to its supply of B vitamins.
Benefits from this could include improved concentration, better quality and
deeper sleep, better handling of emotional and physical hardship or stress and
a booster to neural health. Ginseng also supports the adrenal and reproductive
glands, immune system, lungs and digestion. Ginseng contains the following
nutrients and phytochemicals: Nutrients: Calcium, choline, fiber, folate,
iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, zinc, vitamins B1,
B2, B3, B5 and C. Phytochemicals: Beta-sitosterol, campesterols,
caryophyllene, cinnamic acid, escin, ferulic acid, fumaric acid, ginsenosides,
kaempferol, oleanolic acid, panaxic acid, panaxin, saponin, stigmasterol,
vanillic acid.


  • As a dietary supplement, Ginseng supports the immune system, lungs, circulation, longevity and more.*
  • Made with organic ginseng, natural vegetable glycerin and water.
  • Alcohol-free and cold-processed to protect compounds that can be destroyed by heat and alcohol.
  • Proudly made in the USA; we have been manufacturing herbal extracts for more than 30 years.
  • Supplement Facts: Serving Size: 2 droppers / 12 teaspoon / 2.5 mL. Servings per Container: about 15 Amount per Serving % Daily Value Wild American Ginseng 200 mg * * Daily Value not established. Other Ingredients: Water, USP Natural Vegetable Glycerin.







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1 Ounce


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