Kid-E-Mins 2oz/Liq


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Natural vitamins for children: Jurassic green (Alfalfa¸ Barley¸ and Kamut)¸
Kelp¸ Dandelion root¸ Purple dulse¸ Spirulina¸ Irish moss¸ Rose hips¸ Beet
root¸ Nutritional yeast¸ Blue violet¸ Oatstraw¸ Carrot juice¸ and Ginger in a
glycerine base with natural orange flavor. The ultimate whole-food formula¸
perfectly balanced with vitamins and minerals the way mother nature intended.
Vitamins that come straight from nature are the most precious gift you can
give a child. 100% natural to nourish growing bodies. This liquid formula is a
fabulous alternative to synthetic tablets¸ pills and capsules. The nutrients
packed inside protect the body from disease and ailments caused by
malnutrition¸ while providing essential support for proper growth


  • Dietary supplement, use only as directed.
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