Intek Detox Evolution
Intek Detox Evolution

Intek evolution

Intek Detox Evolution

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  • Detox
  • weight loss
For the first time ever, Intek is bringing you the most extensive and well- rounded detox supplement of its kind. Not only will this evolutionary product cleanse your gastro intestinal tract and digestive tract of waste, backup and toxins, but it also detoxifies the blood for a total body cleanse. To aid in a faster metabolism, better absorption of daily nutrition, and flatten your midsection, it’s important to detoxify all your vital organs like the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, and your colon to keep you as healthy and lean as possible. This all natural detox will remove waste and buildup in your intestinal tract, allowing your body to function at its optimum and promote weight loss and wellness all at the same time. If you are looking to supplement your daily health regime and drop pounds and inches while bettering your body, the evolution of detoxification is here! 120 capsules per bottle.