Innoveda Cephaease Herbal Supplement for Migraine Headache, 60 Capsules


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Innoveda, from Charak, 70 years of exploring and
innovating with Ancient Ayurveda. Innoveda is our endeavor to offer finest
blends of Aayurvedic herbal extracts for various wellness needs. Innoveda
Cephaease Herbal Supplement for Migraine Headache People suffering from
moderate to severe migraines and headaches know how intolerable the pain can
be. The pain mostly occurs on one side of the head, and some even experience
extreme sensitivity to light and sound. This may even trigger episodes of
nausea. Sinusitis is another form of headache caused by cold and inflammation
in the head – it mostly arises due to allergies or infection, but it too can
disrupt normal activities.Innoveda’s Cephaease has been carefully prepared
with potent herb extracts to provide effective support to migraine sufferers.
It helps in headaches and accompanied problems. Its ingredients offer
nutritional care to improve quality of life in migraine. Product Highlights
Offers nutritional care in migraine Provides natural headache support Helps to
minimize activity limitations associated with migraine Helps improve quality
of life Read more Piper longum Also known as Pippali or Indian long pepper,
this herb acts as an analgesic which helps to relieve one from headache and
migraine pain. Zingiber officinale Commonly known as Ginger or Shunthi, this
is well known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce
the duration and frequency of migraine attacks. It is a powerful herb that
also helps prevent migraine recurrence. Terminalia chebula This herb also goes
by the names of Haritaki or Myrobalan. This is an extremely helpful herb that
reduces the intensity and frequency of migraines and headaches due to its
anti-inflammatory effect. Glycyrrhiza Root Extract This herb has an anti-
inflammatory effect that soothes pain caused by headaches. It also helps
resist stress, thereby minimizing pounding headaches. Piper longum Zingiber
officinale Terminalia chebula Glycyrrhiza Root Extract Charak Pharma Charak
Pharma has been spearheading a research-based approach to Ayurveda for 70
years and is proud to offer products in more than 35 countries. Our products
are endorsed by over 300,000 healthcare professionals globally. ISO 9001: 2015
Certified WHO GMP approved state-of-the-art modern manufacturing plants
Manufacturer of world-class herbal medicines with clinically proven efficacy
150 Years of collective R&D expertise Innoveda – Herbal Supplements About
Innoveda Charak Pharma has introduced an array of herbal supplements under the
banner of Innoveda, integrating the age-old ancient wisdom with modern edge
technology and research, to bring to you the best of both worlds. Our vision
is to take this ancient science to a global level and establish ourselves as
the best in the field.Our unique formulations are scientifically crafted,
proven to be effective, safe for all body types and they require no Ayurvedic
knowledge to be used successfully. Inspired by principals of Ayurveda Unique
blends of individual herbal extracts Time-tested herbal ingredients Safe
supplements for overall Health & wellbeing Vegetarian Capsules Read more Our
Science Why Innoveda? Innoveda range of herbal supplements offers a wide range
of safe and effective synergistic combinations that you can use as an integral
part of your health care program. They can be used to support individual with
disease conditions and also for health promotion. Innoveda range of herbal
supplements is developed to endow best of standardized herbs and/or whole
extract blends that meet quality standards and substantiates wellness and
health of the individuals. Formulation Expertise Our products are formulated
based on the principles of Ayurveda and are renowned for their adherence to
international standards of quality. With a collective R&D expertise of more
than 150 years, every formula is crafted with expertly chosen ingredients to
support the conventional goals of therapy. We strive towards developing
formulations with standardized herbal extracts, employing research with
advanced analytical instrumentation and state-of-the-art manufacturing
technology. All raw material, finished goods and laboratory equipment used by
Charak researchers, practitioners and scientists are thoroughly tested to
comply with global standards. Standardization Standardization is becoming
increasingly important along with quality control/assurance as a means of
ensuring consistent supply of high-quality herbal products. Individual
standardized extracts are the set of qualitative and quantitative values of
herbs that carry an assurance of quality, efficacy, safety and
reproducibility. Standardization process helps ensure the identity of herbs &
retain batch-to-batch consistency of specific marker of the herbal extract
used in the product. With Standardization, the consumer gets the assured
benefit of a consistent quality in each and every Innoveda product. Our
Practice The natural herbal ingredients used in the Innoveda formulae are
genuine and free from harmful chemicals & pesticide residues. They are
quarantined, rigorously tested before further processing into one of our
numerous formulae. With detailed scientific analysis, a variety of high
quality products are formulated using whole herb extracts and/or standardized
extracts. All the other ingredients in the Innoveda range are classified as
GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) as per the US FDA guidelines. They are safe
for use, so no matter which product you choose, you are sure to get a product
you can trust. Read more Read more


  • EXPERIENCING MIGRAINES, HEADACHES? Do you suffer from migraines, pounding headaches frequently? Desperately searching for a migraine supplement that saves you from the torture without additional side-effects? Innovedas Cephaease is a natural, herbal supplement that blends herb extracts to help relieve your terrible migraines and headaches without any side-effects.
  • WHY IS CEPHAEASE THE BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR MIGRAINE RELIEF? Cephaease comes from Charak Pharma which has over 70 years of expertise in herbal healthcare, is a herbal supplement that contains key natural ingredients like Piper longum, Zingiber officinale, and Haritaki that possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which effectively reduce the intensity, duration and frequency of migraine & annoying headache.
  • ZERO SIDE-EFFECTS, COMPLETE RELIEF You need not worry about any side-effects with Cephaease as it is a purely natural supplement containing safe and time-proven herb extracts that offer complete natural as well as nutritional support to counter migraines and headaches.
  • PURE, NATURAL AND SAFE VEGETARIAN CAPSULES Innovedas Cephaease contains only natural blends of individual herbal extracts free of GMOs, gluten, paraben, yeast, egg, artificial flavors, added sugar or starch, milk and wheat.
  • SAFE & DEPENDABLE All ingredients are clinically tested. It is a natural, safe and helpful supplement so that guarantees a secure and comfortable purchase for you. 60 vegetarian capsules is a 30 day supply.

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