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For Immediate Release: American Medical Association Journal Publishes Clinical
Study On Patented Prickly Pear Extract Proven To Reduce Hangover Symptoms.
Cardiff By The Sea, CA– An article in the June 28, 2004 issue of the Archives
of Internal Medicine, a publication of the American Medical Association,
presents a medical peer review of a published manuscript of clinical research
performed, by a noted alcohol research team, on the role of a new patented
herbal extract, Tex-OE(R) in reducing symptoms from the alcohol hangover. The
clinical study, performed by the distinguished medical research team, that
published a comprehensive report entitled The Alcohol Hangover, presented in
the Annals of Internal Medicine in July, 2000, was performed among 55 graduate
medical students at Tulane University. In the double-blind, randomized placebo
study conducted at typical-style college barbecue parties on campus at Tulane,
the patented extract, Tex-OE, derived by a special process from the skin of
the fruit of a specific type of cactus, was found to be the first product ever
deemed to be “moderately significant” at preventing hangover symptoms when
taken before ingesting alcohol. In addition the study found Tex-OE to provide
improved cognitive function the morning following drinking. The active extract
works to reduce typical hangover symptoms such as headache, dry mouth, fatigue
and nausea by preventing inflammation caused by alcohol. The peer-reviewed
article published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal
Medicine, validates the claims of the Southern California company, Nutrimark,
LLC. that is now manufacturing and selling Tex-OE as a dietary supplement.


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HPF Hangover Prevention Formula


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