GET DIESEL Vegan Pea Protein NON-GMO Strawberry Banana 500g


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GET DIESEL has re-entered the protein market bringing back their Alpha-Omega
Protein brand originally released in 2009. Back then our blends where made
from hormone free dairy, with no artificial sweeteners. During that time the
supplement industry didn’t care if a product was hormone free or not and was
just in search of the cheapest protein possible. Now we bring you a vegan,
dairy free, NON-GMO, grown in North America (not China like most plant
brands), paleo friendly protein called Nitrotein. This protein isn’t here to
replace whey or to be sold as some magical protein that is better for you than
whey. However there are studies that show pea protein performs equal to whey
for lean muscle gains and nitrogen retention because pea protein is high in
arginine, BCAA’s and glutamine. Nitrotein is for those of you who are vegan
(or vegetarian), allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant or looking to avoid
artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors from their protein supplement.
Speaking of BCAA’s, I am sure you may not know this, but many popular brands
of vegan protein such as Vega and P. Fusion have added BCAAs which should be
easily identified as aminos on the label, versus being counted as “protein.”
The FDA has recently stated that amino acids added to protein should not be
added to the overall protein value and should be listed as amino acids. The
problem with other brands (beside the amino acid spiking in the protein
industry with cheap glycine and taurine) is they are listed these BCAAs in the
total protein content, having the consumer believe they are naturally
occurring and from the protein sources listed on the bottle, when they in fact
can be from milk protein, wheat or synthetic. Nitrotein gives you a true 21g
of protein per serving, with 4g of that being naturally occurring, plant based
BCAA’s from the plant source in the protein.


  • 21g Protein | by GET DIESEL NUTRITION
  • NON-GMO | Great for Smoothies | Alkaline
  • Golden Canadian Yellow Peas | No Added Fructose
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend | All Natural
  • Dairy Free | 4g BCAA's per scoop









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