FitBALL Seating Disc Jr – 12 Green


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FitBALL Seating Disc— Active Seating The Balance Disc engages your core
muscles while sitting and can also be used for strengthening exercises in or
out of your chair. By controlling the firmness of the cushion, you can adapt
it to your fitness needs and sitting comfort. Build Your Core. Correct Your
Posture. Prevent Back Pain. Many of us are sitting at our computers for
extended periods of time. Sitting in a chair can be one of the most
biomechanically stressful positions we put our bodies into. New research
findings show the health risks including greater risk on hernia, colon cancer,
heart disease and mushy abs. In a home or office environment, active seating
can help to train balance and mobility in the lower back and pelvic girdle.
Active Seating creates an unstable surface causing the body to sway and
correct itself against gravity. This added element of balance encourages our
postural muscles to become more active, providing small but beneficial
movement to train the muscles of the low back, core and pelvis. By keeping the
postural muscles active, we allow them to stay strong so they can meet the
demands imposed on them in our day to day lives. Not to mention making sitting
more comfortable on our butts. Improve Focus and ConcentrationStatic seating
leads to forced movement which can lead to tight muscles, soreness or even
physical injury. It can also can result in poor attention, poor memory and
ultimately, lower achievement. Active Seating accommodates natural movements
and boasts a range of benefits including better spinal positions, muscle
stimulation, blood circulation, and neurochemical processes that promote
concentration. The Seating Disc compresses slightly to allow continuous small
movements forward, back, and side-to-side…strengthening both muscles and the
attention span.NOTE: Inflate with FitBALL Pump + Tapered Nozzle attachment. DO


  • Diameter: 12in
  • Use as a balance disc or seat cushion to promote good posture and a stronger core
  • Smaller version of the FitBALL Seating Disc
  • Inflation required (pump not included)
  • Color: Green









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