Control – Women’s Weight Loss Supplement | The Best All-Natural, Energy-Boosting & Appetite-Suppressing Ingredients in One Bottle | B12, B6, L-Arginine, Guarana, Cha De Bugre & More | 30-Day


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Control is formulated to help with lack of energy, boost metabolism and
decrease appetite. These common symptoms are usually associated with the
hormonal-imbalance our body causes as we age. Each of the ingredients in
Control has a unique benefit our bodies need to help with these symptoms.
We’ve combined these all-natural ingredients giving you a powerful, effective
supplement. Why pay for each ingredient separately? Everything you need is
conveniently formulated in one bottle.. Appetite Suppressant – Control has a
combination of ingredients that have been proven to suppress Appetite.
Together, these ingredients provide incredible results. Control, as with all
of our supplements, is all-natural, safe and proven to provide results. If you
are looking to control your appetite without surgery, stimulants or
pharmaceuticals, Control is for you. Increases Energy – If you are having
trouble finding the energy and motivation needed to get you through the day,
our energy supplement, Control, can help with your struggles. Our all-natural
ingredients were formulated to get to the problem by naturally and safely
balancing your hormones. Women’s unbalanced hormones have been shown to have a
terrible effect on stamina and endurance which leads to weight gain and
fatigue. Manufactured in our FDA-Compliant Lab – Because we oversee & control
the entire manufacturing process in our own FDA-Compliant lab in Tampa, FL, we
are 100% confident in the supplements we produce. All of our supplements are
manufactured in the USA. We guarantee you will receive safe, natural
supplements with every order. All Natural, Organic Ingredients – We produce
and provide safe, natural & effective supplements. And we only use the highest
quality all-natural, raw materials. 100% Guarantee – If you are not satisfied,
please contact us within 30 days of purchase. We will refund 100% of your


  • CONTROL'S FORMULA IS DESIGNED TO WORK WITH THE BIO-IDENTICAL MAKEUP of a woman's body by dealing with the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance & menopause. Womens hormones affect our bodies on every level. Fluctuating hormonal levels can deplete our energy and seriously slow down our metabolism. Natural Powers Nutritions Control for women puts you in charge – crash diets, pills and detox drinks do not work long term. Do more than just manage your weight – balance your system naturally.
  • MILLIONS OF AMERICAN WOMEN SUFFER from unbalanced hormones every year. The good news is, with correct lifestyle changes & proper supplementation, you can begin to feel like yourself again and start enjoying life. Hormonal imbalances affect our energy & metabolism, making it a struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Taking Control on a daily basis is a safe & effective way to control weight and enhance energy levels. Control is all-natural and contains no caffeine, chemicals, binders or fillers.
  • SUBLINGUAL INTAKE FOR MAX ABSORPTION – The oral delivery of our products – taken under the tongue – allows the nutrients rich bio-active nutrients & molecules to be absorbed quickly & directly into the blood stream. This ensures that the important nutrients contained in our supplements are delivered unaltered into the body and at a high rate of absorption, rather than broken down in the digestive tract.







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