CF(Preop)® Drink 2 Cases (24 Bottles) – Watermelon


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ClearFast is a pre-surgery drink developed especially for patients preparing
for and recovering from surgery. You can proactively improve your recovery
process by keeping yourself well-nourished and hydrated prior to your
procedure. By providing people with a simple and effective alternative to the
antiquated practice of fasting before surgery, we are changing how they feel
as patients – from anxious and stressed to nourished and comfortable!
ClearFast is kosher and gluten free.


  • Decreases hunger, thirst and nausea typically associated with pre-surgery fasting
  • Decreases stress on your body by eliminating starvation
  • Decreases muscle breakdown by providing you with amino acids, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and complex carbohydrates
  • Helps to reduce infection rates and your length of stay in the hospital
  • Reduces your post operative nausea and vomiting

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