Arizona Natural Allirich (Allicin-Rich) Odorless Garlic Soft-gels 200 Count


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Size:200 Count Allirich Odorless Garlic is the original allicin-rich, odorless
garlic supplement. Allicin is primarily responsible for the health benefits of
garlic, but because it is also the reason garlic is stinky, it is not found in
other garlic supplements. But Arizona Natural’s patented buffering process
retains all the allicin-producing compounds while eliminating garlic’s
notorious stench. The garlic follows your natural digestive pathways, just
like the food you eat, so your body can use the beneficial nutrients and
sulfur compounds. Each soft-gel contains 170 mg. garlic concentrate from 500
mg. garlic clove. Garlic is known to cleanse, stimulate and fortify your body.
Complex sulfur compounds like allicin can destroy free radicals, suppress
bacterial growth, and modulate cholesterol.


  • Arizona Natural Allirich Garlic is the original allicin-rich odorless garlic supplement.
  • Our patented citrus buffering process controls the pH to eliminate all garlic odor while retaining all the potential allicin.
  • Some garlic supplements, like aged garlic extracts, focus on a smaller range of garlic compounds and use S-allyl-cysteine as a standard.
  • The position they take on allicin is in direct opposition to most of the research that points to allicin as the key compound in garlic.
  • Allicin free garlic products with limited profiles will use other standards to differentiate their products. But why forgo the benefit of allicin and allicin derivatives that you may not get from allicin modified products?







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200 Count


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