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If you’re a vegan‚ an athlete‚ or someone who just can’t seem to find the time
to eat a well-balanced diet‚ you may not be getting enough lysine. Lysine is
an important amino acid that your body needs in order to function: it helps
convert fatty acids into energy‚ promotes healthy cholesterol levels‚ helps
your bones absorb calcium‚ and participates in the regeneration of skin‚
tendon‚ and cartilage tissues. Since your body doesn’t produce any lysine
naturally‚ so you have to get it from food or supplements.Foods that contain
lysine include meat‚ dairy‚ beans‚ legumes‚ and tofu. Athletes require even
more lysine than the average person‚ so intake may be even more essential. If
you aren’t getting enough lysine‚ you may feel overly tired‚ nauseous‚ dizzy‚
or agitated; you may also end up with bloodshot eyes‚ anemia‚ delayed growth‚
slow healing from injuries‚ or reproductive problems. You should see your
healthcare provider if you have symptoms of lysine deficiency‚ because these
symptoms could also indicate other disorders.









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